“Overrated” by Ellis Newman

Social media is not just a place for us to share cute pics of our furry friends and family; it’s also a place we go to flex and be the person people look at and say, “I want what they have.” It’s the place we go to look at other people’s lives and, without realizing it, try to mold our lives to look like theirs in some way. Social media is an alternate world made to look like a better version of reality.

Many honestly believe that everything on there is natural but don’t realize that it’s easy to fake a smile and click a button. Social media is more manageable since everyone is hiding behind a filter that we don’t have access to in the real world.

Emerging artist Ellis Newman projects this message in her latest single, “Overrated,” a fun song with a country-esque melody and ‘80s pop influence to give it the grit it has. The track doesn’t sound repetitive like many pop songs because of the dynamics — a song with dynamics keeps the listeners on their toes.

Newman proves in this piece that she is a powerful lyricist and was able to get her message out in the song while making it anthemic.

Honestly, this is the perfect song of this century and something everyone needs to hear.

There’s definitely a bright future for Newman. She seems like the type of artist who isn’t afraid to sing and write about whatever she wants. She’s a superstar to watch out for.

Written by Taylor Berry

Photo Credits: Anouk Post

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