Artist Interview: “C’mon, C’mon (The Makeout Song)” by Golden Richards

Q: I love the energy of this song. It sounds like driving down the coast, blasting music on a hot day. I love the description of the Beach Boys meets Weezer. What inspired the feeling and story behind this song? 

GOLDEN RICHARDS (Gil): I wrote our previous single, “Zach Attack” as a tribute to his cousin Zach who passed away about a year ago at 24 from painkiller addiction. It is by far our heaviest song as our first two were more of a feel-good-coming-of-age vibe. The first two being “Borg vs McEnroe” and “Honey West Kung Fu.” Spring brought the warmer weather and I was feeling like heading to a beach myself since the pandemic had been pretty confining. I had been playing the Beach Boys song “Little Honda” on my guitar a lot. I dig them and I think it is a fun one to play, really as close to surf punk vibes as they get which is cool. I thought about younger days, hanging out with friends and goofing around on the beach, hanging outside, hoping to meet some girls, of course, and that led to writing the twist: that we are ready for a fun summer but then we see the girl who got away and now we want to get back together. Weezer and the bigger ’90s power-pop feel comes from all of us being fans of that music and era and we like to use some distortion in our mix. But yes, I definitely was going for the driving with the top-down surfs-up fun vibe and Billy Richards really got it as well when I sent him the song.

Q: What was the recording process like? What part came first and how did the writing progress from there?

GOLDEN RICHARDS (Billy): Gil says in his characteristic self-deprecating manner, “I have these lyrics and progression that I wrote, but it might be cheesy.” I listen and hear all the possibilities and say, “I love it! This is gonna be another super cool and fun Golden Richards song!” I want it to be a bit more pop, so the beat and bass were phrased to break it up in that kind of way, and similarly, the vocals came out very syncopated. Maryann and I like to lay down some big harmonies any chance we get, so we slathered them on. She then topped it off with some sweet synth accents. Lastly, there are a couple of Easter eggs that some might notice. One is a hint of Michael Jackson, with a hitched breath accent that just felt right in the moment (sans crotch grab). Another is the New Order “Blue Monday” kick drum fill at the reset after the first chorus. All just fun stuff that fits the rock-n-roll kung fu mantra.


Q: How did you become a band? How did you all come to music? 

GOLDEN (Gil): All of us are huge music fans, mostly rock but love all genres. I have been involved in music on the business side, record label, manager, radio host, and promotions but I also played guitar and am in a cover band in Chicago. Billy Richards, Maryann Magic, and Henry Western have been playing in bands for a long time. During the pandemic, I was playing around with a song idea, lyrics, and chords and sent it to my good friend Billy Richards. I wanted him to check it out and I was ready for him to tell me, “Dude this is not good.” He said he was digging it and we should record it in his home studio and start a band and that is how the magic happened. I asked Maryann to add some sweet harmony vocals and she plays keys, and I have known Henry Western a long time and I know he is a rock solid drummer so it all came together and we have been having a great time releasing four tracks so far, all of them with some radio and podcast play and good reviews. So it has been a great time.


Q: Speaking of, who’s in the band?

GOLDEN: I, Gil Golden play guitar and help write the songs. Billy Richards also writes the songs and takes on lead vocals, guitar, bass, synth, and produces. Maryann Magic lends her vocals and makes magic on the keyboard. Henry Western brings it home with his drumming.

Q: What do you hope people gain from your music? 

GOLDEN: We love music and have had a blast creating these songs. We hope people dig them and crank them loud when driving around or going to the beach or other activities and they sing along to the hooks in the chorus and share them with their friends. Maybe someone who digs our music will share them with a new dating partner and they will bond and say Golden Richards brought us together. Hey, we will play at their wedding free if that happens 🙂


Q: Do you have any plans to perform live?

GOLDEN: Yes, we are super stoked to have our first gig lined up this November. A Saturday night at Montrose Saloon, We have practiced, not enough, but it has been really cool to play these songs live and with each other. So hopefully the pandemic moves in a positive direction. As of now, the gig is on!

Interviewed by Kat Rendon

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