Climate change is a unique issue for our generation. 200 years ago, they not only had no idea what it was, but the effects weren’t as severe as they are now. On Afmikon’s single “Last”, they collaborate with Ellae to help bring awareness to the issues our environment is facing. Humans pose a continuous threat, and if we’re not aware of that and working to change it, it may be too late.

German-based producer Afmikon wrote and lyricized the entire track. The dance aesthetic supported introspective lyrics very well. Everything felt atmospheric and thoughtful, without straying from the driving element of excitement that is so pivotal. 

At times, the song leaned into its EDM sounds, feeling like something being performed on the main stage of a festival. Others, it felt like a pop song adorned with elegant piano lines. Throughout the entirety however, the energy was palpable and the song was interesting.

Australian singer Ellae delivered everything with elegance, floating over the light texture effortlessly. Although the tone of the message is serious, nothing ever felt that way. In fact, I found the song uplifting and hopeful. Although climate change is this devastating thing, we have the power to fix it through action and awareness of our role.

Bringing attention to issues in our society is hard enough to do without sounding pedantic. “Last” however, does it in a way that is not only approachable, but fun and exciting. I simply adored the energy and approach towards delivering the message behind the song. A great track supporting an ever greater cause.


“Last” by Afmikon and Ellae can be found on any major streaming service.

Written by Tyler Roberts




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