Instantly, I’m brought back to the 2000’s listening to Mariah Carey in my bedroom singing into my hairbrush like a microphone. A powerful sensual, vibe I haven’t heard in a long while, “Mine”Klary gives a fresh new nostalgic sound to her music.

Without knowing that English is not Klary’s first language, you would have no difficulty understanding or even know this information. Her unique and stunning voice is all that matters and that she can sing with as much power and soul as anyone she inspires to be like the Backstreet Boys. Her clever decision on to start releasing music as a solo artist is a great one and hopefully she will look back and realize that.


Klary’s lyrics and beat make up a chorus that is so catchy it had me singing from the very first time I heard it.  A common theme of lust, love and longing, “Mine” brings together a relatable message that all we want is to be someone else’s and loved. Klary is a hidden gem that I’m honestly shocked why she doesn’t have more listeners. With the emergence of boy bands, soul and R&B, Klary makes her own path by releasing top-notch material and stunning music videos., it is no doubt that she is moving in the right direction. 

Regardless of what Klary releases next, and we hope she will, we will be here listening and ready. Relatable, beautiful and catchy, Klary has yet to disappoint. Follow her on all streaming platforms to catch her newest!


Written by Stephanie Pankewich






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