“Holding It Down” by Bellavolent

Born from influences of Halsy and Sia, Bellavolent cries out her hopes that society will not let people give up on their dreams. A tone that most artists try to portray but never achieve. Keeping the dreams going is exactly what Bellavolent does. 

Out of a vocal boot camp, she rose from the ashes, pushing harder and harder each day to strive for excellence not only in her vocal abilities but her image as a musical artist. She did not want to be seen as just another artist, but one who tirelessly works to constantly improve.

This past year we all saw injustices being done on the world stage from climate to racial inequities, Bellavolent exploits them by beautifully displaying them in her music video for “Holding it Down”. Her message of lifting others up during this difficult and dark time, is no less than refreshing. 

It is hard to deny the talent in this young woman, she stands her ground and flawlessly flaunts her vocal capabilities. The songwriting and lyricism is what really gets me excited about what’s coming next from her. Getting her name on playlists like Worldwide Hits to Relazing Road Trip, “Holding it Down’ will make you feel confident in the generation of the future. With her songwriting and voice, Bellavolent will soon be walking in the footsteps of her inspirations. You can find her newest single on all platforms as well as her music video and remix. Coming soon is an acoustic version of “Holding it Down” and for that one I can barely hold it in! 


Written by Stephanie Pankewich






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