“Mad Queen” by Ali Pips

Poet and playwright Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Artists that fall within the genre of avant-garde live up to this quote beautifully, for they do not go out of their way to imitate their popular pop and rock star counterparts. As a result, they stand out from the crowd. Experimental artist Ali Pips showcases her distinctive, quirky creativity in her single titled “Mad Queen.”

The single immediately grabs the listener’s attention with an eerie, vibrating sound that is very reminiscent of something that one might hear in a psychological thriller. The song is primarily piano driven, but it is accompanied by guitars and heavy drumbeats. Ali’s vocals are rich and theatrical, and the lyrics depict a narrative about a woman who apparently has suffered some sort of mental breakdown and is displaying pathological behavior.  “You’re a ticking time bomb that’s looking for a hostage. “Despite how much she’s denied she’ll try another time”.  The piano provides a dark, haunting, repetitive solo and the composition is further intensified as the drums become heavier in sound and begin to rattle. “Mad Queen” ends with another round of intense instrumentation as the guitar begins to wail, the drums become faster, and the piano unhinges with its spellbinding twists and turns. A shrieking guitar signals a dramatic finish to the composition.

Ali Pips is now based in Portland, but she is originally from Rhode Island. Pips can be described as a darker hybrid of Fiona Apple and Tori Amos. Be sure to check out her debut album Professional Killer, which can be heard on several music streaming platforms.

Written by Brittany Jennings

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