“Summer Fun” by Faith Louise

If you’re looking for a summer single well look no further. Especially if this summer you are moving on with a new chapter in your life. Not only is Faith Louise moving on from high school to college, but moving into a chapter of her music that boosts her game. 

Faith Louise is a young singer-songwriter from the UK with influences like Club music and Kpop, but nothing about her music sounds young. She flaunts a beautiful tone that not only explodes with maturity, but with talent and superiority. It is astonishing to find a young singer with such a proper technique. 

Since releasing her first single last year she has garnered over 50k streams and 14,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and it’s obvious why. Faith’s singles not only are a source of fun and party music, but are pleasing enough to be on a top 40 radio. She has also scored a record deal with London based Record Label Regent Street Records. At just 16, Faith is ready to blow out the water with “Summer Fun”. It makes you want to drive down the highway of a small beach town with some of your closet friends. Wherever you are “Summer Fun” is bound to bring joy and excitement to your next adventure. While I may not be off to college, many young people are and need a song to enjoy the last few days with their school friends before the big world is at their disposal.


Faith has been working with producer Ashea who has produced Platinum albums and worked with some top-notch artists. Whatever Faith comes out with next, we will surely be on this journey with her. Check out “Summer Fun” out on all streaming platforms now!


Written by Stephanie Pankewich



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