“The Open Book” by Jordi Forniés

Music has always been a way of expressing a wide range of emotions, but once lyricists started to take control of mainstream music – the message was clear as day. Gone were the emotive aspects of a beautifully composed piece made up of nothing but wonderfully executed instrumentation. Thankfully artists like Jordi Forniés still exist as, and those like him, can capture the essence of a mood, a moment, a person with just music. “The Open Book” ironically, has blank pages when it comes to lyrics, but speaks volumes when it comes to emotion. 

“The Open Book” is Jordi Forniés’ homage to a relationship in his life that has meant everything to him. He finds a way to illuminate various aspects of said relationship throughout the song by intertwining elements that both carry light and dark tones from start to finish because while everyone wants a fairy tale, real relationships have peaks and valleys. Forniés also notes that there is more to this story so perhaps another “book” could lead to another book in this musical series. 

Jordi Forniés has been incredibly busy this year as he has dropped not one, not two, but nine outstanding singles throughout 2021, including “Quiet Streams,” “Le Berry,” and “The Open Book.” With each one as inspired as the last. So to check out all of them and then some head over to any and all streaming and music sites where” The Open Book” and the rest of Jordi Forniés’ audible art can be found now.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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