“Wormhole” by Mike and Mandy

Mike and Mandy brought me on a journey that I never thought one song could do. A journey of past, present and future that only they could bring to the table. An unexpected space trek of love and intuition, “Wormhole” sounds exactly and nothing like I would have expected yet it was undeniably a song I needed on my playlist.

A modge-podge of genres that work seamlessly and flawlessly, Mike and Mandy get their sound from Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye and Bjork while traveling on their own music rocketship. With such beautiful lyricism, every note and syllable rolls out of Mandy’s mouth as if it was destined by the stars. You can quite literally feel yourself flying through space and time while listening to their newest gem.

Most artists these days, have the songwriter formula to a T. But Mike and Mandy completely shattered that formula and created their own while not exploring too far out of this universe. Endless modulations and key changes, work like glue tying one section of their song to the next. “Wormhole” is so unexpected but ends right where they started out with a simple instrumentation of just voice, a beat and some chords. Yet throughout, you hear influences of different styles and genres that feel similar but refreshing and new.

Mike and Mandy have shocked me on “Wormhole” and are on my list of artists to watch. If you’re looking for an out of this world single to jam to this summer/fall, “Wormhole” is available on streaming platforms now!

Written by Stephanie Pankewich







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