“Please” by Divine Order

Pop-duo Teddy Chapple and Iris Croft aka Divine Order, are looking to please and inspire young musicians like themselves. Founded out of last year’s pandemic, Divine Order has been self-writing and produce their music in isolation. Taking their inspiration from artists like Lana Del Rey, Massive Attack and London Grammar, Divine Order while adolescent in their music making career, has made their first single “Please” sound like it is in the top leagues.

At first listen, I had no idea what I was getting into. A plethora of reverb and soundscape and then magically being pulled in by none other than the voice of Iris. Sultry and soulful, “Please” immediately flaunts its superb production and sonic quality while bringing in the nostalgic feel of the early 2010’s. With the emergence of alt/indie spoken voice, Iris has a vocal register similar to Billie Ellish or Lana Del Rey, a beautiful instrument that is also very sensual and can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Trendy and majestic, “Please” could easily fit on a late night playlist, tv show or movie soundtrack like The Great Gatsby. While the lyrics are quite simple, they stick with you especially on the tag in the end of the chorus.

With 590 followers on Spotify just from one release alone, Divine Order has a lot ahead of them in this musical journey. Teddy’s producer chops and Iris’s vocals lends to this duo being a gem to watch out for. “Please” can be found on all streaming platforms now!


Written by Stephanie Pankewich



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