“Tonight Might Be Different” by The Kecks

German based band The Kecks consist of members from various parts of the world such as the UK, Austria, Australia and Germany. The four piece band includes, front man Lennart Uschmann, bassist Joel Phillips, guitarist Samuel Telford and drummer Kai Weidle. The phenomenal video was worked on by Andy Ray Lemon, recorded at Buffalo Studio, produced by JB Pilon and released via Blaggers Records.

The group brought an 80s vibe to their first single of the year “Tonight Might Be Different”. Samuel Telfords lyrics for “Tonight Might Be Different” provides a fresh yet nostalgic feel to a not so new feeling. With relatable lines such as “I’m so busy giving everybody else attention, My friendship starts to feel more like a disease” makes it easier to fall in love with the song. Everyone has all had a moment with someone when you feel more like a burden than a friend. The feeling of guilt and emptiness, wanting to be their for everyone but not even being able to be their for yourself, it starts to eat at you.

The new wave indie rock song is going to quickly become one of your favorites with its meaningful lyrics, mesmerizing bass lines and dark vocals. “Tonight Might Me Different” is the song you didn’t know you needed in your life but will be forever grateful that it is. The Kecks have such an amazing vibe that you can’t help but wait with excitement for their next single to be released. “Tonight Might Be Different” is the 80s song you need in 2021.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Denis Uhreniuk




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