“Whiskey And Wine” by Marigold Ingot

For the first time in a very long time, everyone around the world was in the same boat. Yes, some were in yachts and others on rafts, but we were all just trying to stay afloat and deal with the reality of a pandemic. Especially when things first took a turn in March 2020. It was sometime after that when Marigold Ingot was moved to pen her latest single, “Whiskey And Wine.” 

Intertwining country-pop vocals with a little jazz and folk culminated in the overall sound of “Whiskey And Wine,” and is something fans of all of those genres can come together and celebrate. However, lyrically, this song is universal as life can and has been incredibly overwhelming and signs of that ceasing to be the case – not so great at. Luckily though, we have an inspired song that offers a reminder that taking a deep breath and having a sip with those you love can make all the difference. Of course, Marigold Ingot has her particular beverages in mind – but they’re just metaphors for whatever eases you personally. Art, exercise, puppetry – whatever it may be, take a deep breath and do just that. 

When the world takes a hit and we all feel it, the positive is that from tragedy comes a wave of art in response.  Artists, in an array of mediums, are putting out work that is helping people like me and you find a way to deal and heal – and Marigold Ingot’s “Whiskey And Wine” is one of those works that is doing just that. So for a song to deal, heal, and sing along to when the weight of the world seems like too much, check out “Whiskey And Wine,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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