Artist Interview: “Another Day” by WALLIS feat. the Schriver Sisters

Q: I like the sound of “Another Day.” What was the creative process like?

WALLIS: The creative process behind “Another Day” involved a lot of trial and error. My co-writer, CelebrityPoolParty (my dad), and I began by experimenting with synthesizers, building beats, and arranging different sections of the song. Because the song has many different transitions between genres, instruments, chord progressions, and harmonies, it was crucial that we stripped down each part and have a clear understanding of the structure of the song. Once I felt as though the framework of the song was solid, we were able to go back in and make it my own with creative intricacies.

Q:  Where do you usually find inspiration?

WALLIS: My inspiration comes from many different avenues ranging from movies, other artists, or experiences. I find a lot of my inspiration stems from intense emotions. When I find myself in a state of happiness, my songs and lyrics reflect this. But when I feel as though I am feeling anxious or having a hard time dealing with a particular experience, it will find its way into my music through the lyrics and delivery.

Q:  Who are your influences?

WALLIS: One of my most powerful influences currently is Lorde. I think she is an excellent lyricist and tends to write with unique imagery. I also love how her music is produced and how her vocals are EQd to be crisp and punch you in the gut. I admire how her voice and movements are honest and authentic and I too hope to have this connection with my audience.

Q: What do you like most about making music?

WALLIS: The most exciting thing for me about making music is the freedom to be inventive. With the increased availability of technology, it makes exploring your sound more accessible. I also enjoy taking what I have learned from my inspirations and seeing how it shapes my own way of writing.

Q:   What are some things to look forward to in the near future?

WALLIS:  Currently, I am working on writing, recording, and producing new songs. We are finishing up the music video for “Another Day” which will debut soon. Also, we are in the works to do some live performances in the Fall. It is a very exciting time and I love how we are in different stages with my music!

Q:  Any challenges you faced in the pursuit of music?

WALLIS: One challenge that I have faced in the pursuit of music has come from my need for perfection. I have found myself getting lost in the realm of possibility when it comes to what can be included in a song. When I realized that you can always add more to a song or take away, I found myself getting lost in what I was originally trying to accomplish. It was important to me that my lyrics and sound be the focus of each song, and I wanted to make sure they were not getting lost. As an artist, I know that this is an area where I will continue to grow and mature.

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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