Artist Interview: “In Too Deep” by Josh Savage

Q: Hey Josh thanks for coming on to Rising Artists. We have fallen in love with your new single “In Too Deep” and think it’s a great summer song! Tell our audience on here more about you!

JOSH SAVAGE: Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m an indie-pop singer-songwriter from England based in Berlin. I kinda fell into this artist career by making music and touring in people’s living rooms worldwide on my gap year. It went a hell of a lot better than I expected, and so I did another year after. Several years I’m still at it (the making and releasing music part at least).

Q: “In Too Deep” is a reflective song about falling in love and the emotions that follow. It almost seems like the feeling that you are having is mysterious and cautious. That you aren’t sure if this is what you want out of the relationship/love. Tell us the meaning behind “In Too Deep” and how this song was created.

JOSH: Yeah exactly. It’s about falling in love and how absolutely terrifying it is. I started seeing my penpal across the Atlantic, we never expected it to become serious but we fell for each other nonetheless. We had to learn to fully open ourselves up to each other fully, exposing the good and the bad. You feel vulnerable and it is extremely disconcerting. Like when you’re walking into the ocean and your feet aren’t touching the bottom anymore.

Q: Your voice is wonderful and we love that your accent comes into your singing as well. You have a very similar sound to Ed Sheeran, who are your influences?

JOSH: I’m unashamedly a Coldplay fan, they inspired me to write my first songs. Now I’m into all sorts like RY X, Oh Wonder and Billie Eilish.


Q: What first got you into music?

JOSH: My parents mostly. They don’t play music but they’re well into it. They always played music when I was a baby, apparently I would headbang to Nirvana when I was just a few months old. My mum forced me to take piano and theory lessons from age 4, which I hated but I’m grateful for them now. Then I got classical training as a choirboy when I was scouted at The National Children’s Choir of Great Britain as treble soloist and I toured Australia & New Zealand with them when I was just 12. Then I got the bug, started writing my own songs and organised my own tours from there.


Q: Your songs are familiar and have a very popular sound that we love. Who inspired you to make music?

JOSH: As well as Britpop bands like Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Radiohead, my uncle Matthew Faddy who is a composer was a big influence for me and helped me get the right gear to kickstart my home studio.



Q: What is coming up next for you and are there any gigs we can find you at coming soon?

JOSH: Yessss I’m touring Europe in September/October for my long awaited debut album tour The Long Way Round (tour dates on www.joshsa…emusic.com) and meanwhile I am releasing a song every 6 weeks from my second album Another Life.



Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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