“Sight Unseen” by Koalra

Koalra’s new single and music video “Sight Unseen” is a garage band/noise-punk nostalgic sentiment of early 90’s adolescence. The five-minute single is from the album “Love Songs That Remind Us That We Can’t Stand Each Other,” soon to be released on October 22nd, 2021. The native Chicago band creates a perfect montage dedicating itself to a life that once was but is no longer – a gentle reminder of the past.

The music video for “Sight Unseen” opens with sweet images of teenage antics and innocent fun. There is something special about the faces in the music video, which shows worry-free and wholesome teen-like happiness. The faces are untainted by today’s world because “Sight Unseen” is a time capsule possessing what it was like to be an American teenager in the years 1989/1990. With scenes of parties, shy smiles, and enjoying leisurely time outdoors– “Sight Unseen” music video contains movie qualities that make it a hidden gem. 

Koalra has a cool and catchy sound that is impossible to deny. “Sight Unseen” has melodic guitar riffs and low, comforting vocals. The music brings you on a journey back through past memories hinting at the introspection of simpler times. The song lyrics are about seeing the truth and speaking the truth, referencing the album’s message, 

“A collection of love songs fueled by the disenchantment of our current social and political climate.”

“Sight Unseen” is an automatic hit! The band’s main influences are Sonic Youth & Dinosaur Jr. Check out the “Sight Unseen” music video and add it to your nostalgic playlist!

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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