“No Place” by Stfukes

“No Place” is a nostalgic piece of heaven. With elements of 80s synth-pop and early 2000s alternative rock and punk, Stfukes makes his own unique sound with this energetic and hard-hitting track. 

The track begins off sounding like the beginning of an 80s coming-of-age film, with its use of animated and vibrant synths. After this beautiful intro, guitars and Stfukes’ muffled voice come in, adding a more rock vibe to the track. A lively chorus featuring Stfukes’ almost screaming voice completely alters the direction of “No Place”: at first sounding almost child-like with the lively instrumental, the bass goes hard, accompanied by Stfukes’ blunt and jarring vocals. “No Place” goes back to the nostalgic feelings towards the end, wrapping up with a child’s voice (seemingly Stfukes’ voice as a kid), playing in the background.

Stfukes is a new artist from Sydney, Australia. With influences ranging from Crystal Castles to Yung Lean, Stfukes perfectly combines his inspirations to make his own distinctive and special sound. 

According to Stfukes, “No Place” is about betrayal which is expressed through anger which all gets resolved at the end. With this background context, the track plays out like a story: beginning off innocent with the playful synths, then quickly turns into anger with the jarring chorus.

Stfukes hasn’t played any gigs as of yet because he is a rising artist, but the fact that he can produce and record a track as enjoyable as “No Place” in his bedroom, his future as a musician is looking extremely bright!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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