“Jump” by Nick, I Am

Los Angeles-born independent artist Nick, I Am, is certainly an artist to look out for. With her recently released EP “Jump,” Nick, I Am, commands listeners to move to her hypnotic electro-pop record through vibrant beats and smooth bars. The EP contains songs that carry a sound ideal for nightclubs to keep the party hype. The different textures and moods maintain the record’s energy and the listener’s interest.

The first song, “Get Lit” is a fun song with amazing quality. The infectious rhythm and beat contribute to the immense amount of energy the song has. Many people will get hooked on the party vibes from the song, which is why it’s perfect for a club or party. 

“She Bad EDM Remix” is the second song on the EP and is a remix to Nick, I Am’s debut single “She Bad.” The beginning of the track is a lot similar to “Get Lit,” but doesn’t take away from the fact that the song is phenomenal. This remix reminds you of a Nicki Minaj song like “Starships” and makes you feel like a boss with its simple yet vibrant percussion and amazing lyrics. The rap-like vocals definitely hype up the song. 

“Turn It Up” is the most hype song on the EP and turns where you are listening to it into a club because of the fist-pumping beat and rhythm that makes you dance even when you don’t realize it. 

“C.W.M,” which stands for “Come With Me” will turn you on with its enticing and sexual lyrics you can’t help but love. If the track was played at a party or club, you’d expect to see people grinding and swaying their hips to it. It’s a sexy song!

The fourth track, “Jump,” is more chill and less upbeat than the rest and very melodic. “Rock The Boat” is the last song and has a lot of swag, especially with the lyrics, “Come rock, rock the boat if you’re ready put your hands up.” The track is chill and smooth to the point where you feel good about yourself. 

Overall, fantastic EP, and it’s exciting to see what else Nick, I Am will release in the future. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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