“Ellesmere Island” by MOLOSSER

Swedish duo MOLOSSER has combined the spirit of Americana with haunting Scandinavian aesthetics to bring to life a unique style that is truly all their own on all of their releases, including their latest, “Ellesmere Island.” 

Tess and Jahn create a delicate intro that intrigues for half a minute before the vocals come through and take the reins, guiding the song until the very end. Tess’ vocals are eerily moving and take center stage as the musical arrangement acts as a strong foundation. All of that combined is elevated by the visuals they present in the music video for “Ellesmere Island.” The beauty of the nature outside of where the pair are residing inside plays with the light and dark aspects of the song well and helps move the story of “Ellesmere Island” along. 

In many ways, this song and video reminded me of the alternative scene of the ‘90s. That industrial-inspired look that came from Nine Inch Nails and The Cranberries. One could see MOLOSSER being a sort of chameleon of the music world, able to fit into a myriad of scenes due to their one-of-a-kind style that lends itself to a wide range under the alternative scene. 

“Ellesmere Island” can be found on MOLOSSER’s debut album, ‘Appear.’ The album features nine tracks total, each one as impeccable as the last. Their latest single is also available now on all major streaming and music sites such as Spotify and Apple Music, as well as YouTube where the official music video is available for viewing. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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