“When We Were Young” by The Last Arcade

The Last Arcade is a synthwave band from Liverpool, England and consists of Steve McNally (Vocals), Steve Erickson (Synths) and Paul Garrett (Guitar), as you can tell by their sound they were formed out of a love of 80’s music, and things such as classic analog synths. The guys in the trio are not shy to success so it is no wonder that all gravitated towards each other.

Steve McNally was the singer/songwriter of the band BBMak back in the early 2000’s when their single “Back Here” which reached the top of the US charts. Guitarist Paul Garrett just finished touring multiple countries with his band “10 Reasons to Live”. Steve Erickson has been in the music industry since the early 90’s. He has been a producer for TV and Radio and has worked for many bands including producing tracks for Disney and working on BBMak’s 2019 album Power Station.

The multi-talented group has a knack for producing hits, the classic, nostalgic tune has caught the ear of many people across the world. The recent release of the song has gotten over 10,000 listens in just s short three months. “When We Were Young” is a love song that will make you want to be closer to you partner or a friend, it’ll make you want to reminisce on all the good times.

“When We Were Young” is the first single from The Last Arcade and not only does it do an excellent job at taking you back to a certain moment, they help you feel what you were feeling in that moment as well.

The Last Arcade has recently released new single “People Like Us” and it has already gained 15,000 listens in just one month. With two back to back hit singles, its clear they are giving you your music needs and more. It won’t be long before you are adding “People Like Us” and “When We Were Young” to your daily playlists. The Last Arcade has both singles on Spotify and Bandcamp, and don’t forget to watch the lyric videos for both singles so you sing along while you dance.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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