“Tunnel Vision” by Alex Julia

Living her day-to-day life with a chronic illness is far from easy. Struggling with that on top of mental health anguish, Alex Julia put all she was feeling into an emotive song that not only pulls at one’s heart but also comes across as more universal in the grand scheme of things. “Tunnel Vision” may have started as a personal folk ballad, but with each new listener – it can and will gain a whole new meaning. 

“Tunnel Vision” starts with disbelief many can relate to. That moment where one has to face all the negatives that have somehow piled on top of them, making it harder and harder to take a breath. For Alex Julia, it’s a chronic illness and depression, but for everyone who hears this song, it’s going to be something vastly different. Whether it’s a strain of bad luck with jobs, mishaps in dating, family drama. The list can go for miles upon miles, but the bottom line is that Alex Julia took the pain inside of her and poured it into an emotive, musical experience that a wide variety of people are going to be able to turn on, connect to, and know they are not alone. The struggle is real for everyone. 

Alex Julia doesn’t come through with a grand parade on “Tunnel Vision.” She keeps it simple and lets the lyrics take the reins as the music acts as a solid vehicle to get us from point a to point b. An acoustic gem that lends itself to be an introspective joy.  “Tunnel Vision” follows the release of Alex Julia’s 2020 EP, ‘Better Part of Me,’ and is available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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