“Dabble” by Hybrid Kid

Brighton, UK Indie rockers Hybrid Kid have been giving us amazing, catchy tunes for three years now. Thankfully Danny (guitar/vocals), Tim (bass), and Fabio (drums) became Hybrid Kid because they bring an experimental edge to indie rock. Their latest single “Dabble” came to be a song because the trio was tired of being in lockdown for too long. This latest single is undoubtedly great like the others and will have you jumping around and starting mild tempered mosh pits.

While the group may be indie rock “Dabble”, has funk skatepark punk vibes. You normally hear of pop songs giving off the vibes of a certain “season” , a lot of pop songs are nostalgic or feel very summer. Although “Dabble” is a rock song, it gives off very summery vibes.

It’s clear the trio loves music and loves to make it, “Dabble” is the fifth single released from Hybrid Kid this year. When describing the band, the group has been know to say it’s as if Pavement met Arctic Monkeys and Blur in a seaside town like Brighton.

The catchy guitar riffs of Hybrid Kid draw you in but it’s the rhythmic drums and heavy bass that will make you stay. With one album and so many singles already on their list of accomplishments, you can only hope that their is a second album on the way.

The trio has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of listeners across the world, and it is no surprise why. While “Dabble” may be a different vibe from top hit “Dropped”, you won’t be disappointed when you hear it.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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