During the 1970’s the genre of hard rock exploded onto the music scene with the rise of several prominent bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Aerosmith. The glory days of the hard rock genre may be gone, but there are a few bands out there that are trying to revive its sound. The band Electric High delivers a solid hard rock punch with their single “Sun”.

The single begins with the sound of fast, heavy drums and a sliding, shrieking guitar, which is followed by loud, screaming vocals. The lead vocals have a rough, aggressive sound to them and the song, for the most part, has a fast tempo. The lyrics appear to be telling a story of a man who is longing for hope and freedom, for he has been imprisoned. “For seven years I wander. In this cell of misery. For seven years I wander. Tiny beams, shine on to me.” The chorus is very catchy, and it also contains a layer of harmony within the vocals. Listeners can feel the pain and anguish within the vocals as the vocalists sing the word “SUN.” After the chorus has been sung for the second time, the song kicks into high energy with a shredding guitar solo that is raw and powerful and continues to evolve as the song progresses. A transition in tempo occurs after the chorus is sung for the final time, for the drums and guitars are playing at a slower pace, yet they still deliver a heavy performance at the end.

Electric High are a five-piece hard rock band from Bergen, Norway. Hard rock fans are sure to be electrified by their high voltage performance.


Written by Brittany Jennings

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