In his new single, “Love Myself,” Australia-based artist DAMIEN gives new meaning to the phrase “feeling yourself.” The power-pop ballad with a grunge twist is an ode to self-confidence imparted with an alluring mix of irreverence, attitude, and sagacious wisdom. It is a song with a powerful message but is absent of any unwelcome moralizing, a treat for the ears and nourishment for the soul. After all, taking into account the countless love songs ever written, it is about time that one is directed at its own author.

Beginning with the groan of an electric guitar, its bending tone gives way to heavily punctuated bass notes and a driving, treble-heavy drum beat. The sonic backdrop is full of richness and a rough, heavily textured soundscape. Before long, DAMIEN enters with the song’s central mantra: “I love myself, I love myself, baby.” The melody is one that will burrow into your head and refuse to leave. Fortunately, it is so catchy that you won’t mind. After all, we could all benefit from that particular message on repeat.

The confidence espoused in “Love Myself” is not of the feelings of immortality accompanying youthful naïveté. Rather, it is a sense of self respect that comes with maturity and retrospect, looking back at past hardships and mistakes to discover that they made you who you are. There is an inner strength that can be drawn from the crucible of your own past, but not everyone has the guts to celebrate it.

During the final few moments of the tune, a torrent of words spills from DAMIEN’s mouth, a postlude that emphasizes the importance of our former trials (shout out to all of the exes out there). Respecting ourselves means finding some degree of meaning in those unpleasant moments, even if we wouldn’t necessarily repeat them. And it is also a reminder to be our own best advocate. It takes a special kind of courage to thank someone for the pain they caused you, but DAMIEN is here to help you find it and sing along in the process.

“Love Myself” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Written by Jacob Jahiel





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