“Grow Up” by Jesse Grossi

Songs have a way to remind people about their journey from becoming a teenager to a full grown adult. For some, it was a challenging quest because of the high expectations parents had for them. “Grow Up” by Jesse Grossi is a song about trying to understand the maturity and struggles of becoming an adult while still being a kid.

What is enjoyable about this song is how Grossi uses a heavy dose of reggae and punk music to capture the painful moments of becoming an adult. While listening, the sound of surging guitar riffs and thunderous drum beats fills the atmosphere with head-banging noises that can leave listeners wanting to hear more. Also, within the musical madness, the emotions of confusion and frustration can be felt through the instrumentation, and the mix of reggae and punk brings energy that contributes to the craziness on this piece.

Another compelling component of “Grow up” is Grossi’s singing style. Grossi is known for singing about his life and the feeling of strong emotions can be felt through his powerful vocals. On this tune, the emotion of frustration can be felt through Grossi’s strong vocals as he shares about what it is like for him trying to become an adult while still dealing with the immaturities of being a kid. Grossi always has been vocal with his music, and on this song he speaks about a part of life we all have been through.

Grossi has hit a home run with “Grow Up”, and it is nice to hear how much Grossi has grown as a musician. He always finds a way to create a song that can relate to many people.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: Paul Marino

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