“Down” by Jake Aldridge

Photo Credit: Noah Revill

A nerdy, chunky, Black girl in a very white town in the ‘90s. Yeah, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that I was a bit of an outcast growing up, and still today as a career outside the expected has brought some scrutiny from some. So when I heard “Down” from Jake Alridge I thought, let’s just go ahead and add this to any and all playlists dedicated to the underdogs this UK-based singer sings about because that’s where it belongs. 

Jake Alridge once spent his time as a rapper but has since taken on music from a more country-pop direction. That being said, “Down” is one of those songs that sort of defies genre due to not only its catchy ways, but also the universal lyrical content that allows people from various walks of life to hear, connect, and love this song. Anyone that grew up like me knows all too well the struggle of the underdog’s life. So it’s nice to hear Jake Aldridge come through with a song such as “Down” to highlight and despite being an underdog, there are people out there who aren’t going to cast you aside. 

Not too long ago Alessia Cara dropped “Here,” and while “Down” is musically nothing like that, it does fall into the same category of songs that can help people feel less alone, or awkward about being who they are. It’s a genre all its own that rises above the musical foundation. So for those looking to sing this anthemic wonder, check out “Down.” It’s available on all major and music sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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