Last year the pandemic shook everyone’s lives but for some the challenging time gave artists a chance to create a new sound and theme with their music. “Get Some” by Metroluxe is a piece featuring vocalists Sam Carelse (Soultastics, The Les Paul Big Band) and Charlotte Glasson (The Divine Comedy, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds).

While listening, Carelse’s and Glasson’s vocal styles are beautiful, as the sound of their sauvy voices compliments the jazzy atmosphere with sweet noises. In jazz music, vocals are important to bring a sense of imagination – these singers do not let us down with their enticing melodies, soothing tones and inventive lyrics. Carelse and Glasson are talented vocalists who have incredible chemistry with each other.

Another amazing aspect of this tune is the line-up of the band. Each musician demonstrates jazz styling that is vibrant and electrifying. Caaw band members Matt Clark (guitar), Mark Wilson (double bass), Andy Fraser (drums) and Nick White (Keys) give this tune a kick of jazz and swing through their powerful performance. The sound of all of the instruments merging together is pure harmony and most certainly would inspire listeners to get up on the dance floor. Additionally, the saxophone and flute playing from Glasson is extremely tasteful and lightly blends in with the rest of the band on top of the the hazy background that feels like a night out in the moonlight.

Metroluxe do have their feet on the gas pedal with “Get Some” and it will be nice to hear more music from the band in the future.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

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