“Blue Sun” by Everything But The Everything ft Olivia Barchard

Newest song “Blue Sun” from Everything But The Everything is played by Landon Cisneros on drums, guitarist Jimmy Chen, Izzy The Gent also on guitar and bass guitar and special guest Olivia Barchard on vocals, the group also had help from producer Rex Shelverton.

“Blue Sun” came about when the group was at Rex’s place, Secret Studios in San Francisco. Izzy The Gent wrote the bassline and guitar and he needed something extra so he called Jimmy Chen who helped polish the guitar lines. Once Olivia Barchard heard the demo she agreed to sing, shortly after drummer Landon Cisneros came in and producer Rex Shelverton manned the boards.

The indie rock song is sure to put you in a chill mood, the vocals from Olivia Barchard will instantly relax you. The surfer rock vibes of “Blue Sun” makes you want to go to the beach while simultaneously wanting to cuddle up at home with some hot chocolate. Jimmy Chen and Izzy the Gent’s guitar pieces really gives the song the boost Izzy was looking for.

It seems that “Blue Sun” is the perfect song for any occasion, it can made you feel different emotions each time you hear it. It doesn’t matter if you are having a beer with a friend, an all around bad day, or maybe going through a break-up, “Blue Sun” will be the song you put on to let you fall into your emotions. Go to Spotify then Everything But The Everything and Olivia Barchard will take it from there and take you through the journey that is “Blue Sun”

“When are we getting Olivia back in here for another song?” – Rex Shelverton

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Christian Zamora




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