Artist Interview: “Just So Unluckily Me” by Izzii Grace

Q: Your electro-pop sound is so unique and catchy. Combined with lyrics that are extremely introspective, this contrast creates a dynamic sound that one can groove to. What inspired your sound?

IZZII: Over the last few years, I have experimented with my sound, having done a range of styles in my life. I created a few songs during university which were heavily Indie or a little bit RnB inspired but they didn’t feel 100% natural for me. It wasn’t until the end of 2019, beginning of 2020 that I started playing around with music production and I realised, I wanted to create a more electro-pop style as I could make strange sounds or play around with vocal effects and be more experimental with my sound. I find my style is very much my own but a massive thanks to the influence of Oh Wonder, Billie Eilish and Silver Sphere! However, I am ready to work with producers and collaborate with more musicians to take my music and sound further.

Q: You have a degree in Commercial Music and have been studying it since you were young. What inspired you to pursue music?

IZZII: So, I’ve been doing music since was about 9, whether that was vocal lessons or attempting to song-write all the way through to Uni. I’ve not always been the best at music and often find myself winging it. That’s where I am my happiest. My mum putting me into singing lessons when I was very young. She definitely helped paved the way for me at the start.

Q: What would you say is the biggest goal you have for your music? What compels you to keep creating?


IZZII: When it comes to goals in music, I have so many big goals. I think all independent artists have huge goals such as a headlining a tour, making it in the music charts, or just having music being their full-time career. One of my biggest goals is actually co-writing or ghost writing for other artists. Songwriting is my favourite part of the creation process and I think that really compels me to keep going. I wanna write songs for not just myself but others!


Q: The EP explores a lot of very personal topics and paints a picture of who you are. What is your favourite song on the EP? Take me through the process of how this specific song came about.

IZZII: I agree definitely, the EP is a very honest project of mine. I wanted it to show a little bit more about who I am outside of the images on social media. I have a few favourites on the EP as they’re like little parts of me, a trail of my ups and downs. I would say “I Wish” is one of my favourite songs on the EP. It was actually inspired by a guy I was seeing, a conversation of ours really had me thinking of the time you lose someone. It could be in anyway and just missing their presence in your life. Not being able to fill your time with the stupid stuff you’d get up to. When writing the song, I wanted it to be very open, I like to leave a lot of space for my vocals and so this song stayed very similar to the rough drafted voice note on my phone.

Q: You wrote, recorded, and produced this entire EP on your own. What was the most difficult part of this? What was the easiest? What part was the most fulfilling?

IZZII: I did indeed! To be honest, there were a few challenges but the creation of the EP was the part that felt the most natural and I guess easy, compared to once it’s out there to be released. Creating the EP independently was the most fulfilling part. It’s a nice way to see what I can create and has really helped me grow as a musician! Although it’s very daunting to put yourself out there so openly. When producing the EP it was a challenge to not get stuck creating a similar sound, so I did find it difficult to be harsh with myself and push each song in different directions.


Q: In the past, you’ve performed in some big shows. What are your plans for performing live going forward?

IZZII: Ah yes, I have, I’ve played some amazing places and I’m so lucky I have. I have a few plans going forward for taking on the live music scene. I spent last year embracing livestreams, then the start of this year performing gigs with my backing tracks which I have loved. It gave me the confidence I needed to continue getting a foot in the door for more gigs! I have a gig on the 28th of October which may have a slightly different set up compared to previous gigs and I’m so excited to tell you guys what’s next for me!

Interviewed by Kat Rendon




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