“Whoa” by A.D. feat. MC Beastly and Weez

It feels like it’s been a while since a good old-fashioned hard-hitting rap group came out with music. After listening to “Whoa”, a hip-hop track combined with three different and unique UK rappers, its impossible to not want to listen right away again. “Whoa” is such an upbeat and fun song, with an ultra-addicting beat and exciting flows. If you miss old-school rap groups like D12 and Wu-Tang that make entertaining tracks, “Whoa” is for you!

The track starts off strong with a heavy bass, accompanied by a repetitive and captivating tune played by an electric saxophone. A.D.’s distinctive vocals then arrive, effortlessly switching from alto to soprano notes in a matter of seconds. His identifying voice, sounding almost like a mix between a cartoon character and an OG 90s rapper truly makes every A.D. song enjoyable. 

A super catchy chorus with the lyrics “Whatcha gonna do?”, cap off A.D.’s verse, then MC Beastly comes in, with his clever bars, name dropping celebrities ranging from Eminem to Harry Styles, and intelligently rhyming words like One Direction with cross-section. His verse goes along with a sharpening electronic and rather shrieking sound in the background. Beastly’s verse adds an energetic feeling to the already existing track. 

Lastly, Weez, a strong and talented rapper comes in, giving an impeccable and raunchy verse, so fresh and bold; something that isn’t heard in modern rap often. The song ends as exciting and refreshing as it started; the perfect hype-up song.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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