“Bonsai” by Moon Blossom

Moon Blossom’s newly released EP, “Bonsai,” is packed with original beats and unique spiritual/self-reflecting lyrics. Moon Blossom’s voice is captivating throughout the project and immediately entrances the listener into a dream-like state. “Bonsai” is a fun, loving, playful album that is full of meaning and depth.

The EP begins with its first track, “Bonsai,” creating an unforgettable intro to the album. The Bonsai tree is a metaphor for self-identity and the aspiration to be rooted in life. The self-assurance of a bonsai tree is to never allow people to sway its strength or get them down. At the song’s end, a sample of Alan Watts speech adds a whimsical nature to the track. 

Moon Blossom has done a genuinely original project. He has an innate storytelling ability that is evident in the second track. “What will you paint?” is an abstract song accented by synthesizer sounds and mellow lo-fi beats. It has a slightly different feel from the rest of the tracks on the EP but is equally unique in its own regard. It remains within the theme of self-reflection and connecting to oneself. 

Moon Blossom explains his inspiration for “Bonsai,” the EP,

“I poured my heart into this personal EP with metaphorical songs about how hard it is to find yourself in this world; and how the culture of the society we live in doesn’t really make it okay to talk about it. I just want to spread love and good vibes through my music.” 

The Dream pop /Indie melodic pop and electronic EP is one about making dreams come true. Add it to your playlist today!

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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