“Omnipresent” by I Am The Unicorn Head

I Am The Unicorn Head is a very unique duo, the two piece alternative/indie band come from the United Kingdom and the United States. They formed at the beginning of the pandemic by sharing music together online and released first single “Eating Cornbread In Quarantine” back in mid August of 2021.

According to the duo, follow up single “Omnipresent” is an octane fuelled alt/indie track which launches firmly into a dirty Garage Rock vibe. They keep their intense uniqueness with their unusual lyrical ideas and have a visual brand which keeps attracting new listeners.

The very special duo has created another hit single “Omnipresent”. Although this is only their second release, they’ve already gained a wide audience and are already known for being eclectic. “Omnipresent” is a very bass heavy song and gives off a very post-punk vibe, mix that with the enthusiastic vocals and you have the perfect song for a skatepark vibe. The garage rock tune from the duo is sure to be a hit just as their last single was.

You may be wondering when you can enjoy more of their music, the duo has decided on a release schedule. They have written and recorded multiple tracks together, so they figure a new single release about every 6 weeks until the singles will be put together with some unreleased tracks to form their debut album, entitled ‘Future Dinosaurs’.

I Am The Unicorn head is the fun, unique, eclectic group that we have needed. The pandemic sometimes makes it really hard to enjoy life, and music is typically an outlet that you choose. I Am The Unicorn is doing an amazing job at making sure the people smile and have fun, despite the chaotic state of the world.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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