“A to Z” by Far West

Far West, the bedroom pop project by San Fransisco-based singer and artist Ryan Settles, has a new song released: “A to Z,” and frankly, there aren’t enough good things to say about this surf-ready track. This is Far West’s eighth release since he began in 2020, and he continues to release amazing, easy-listening songs. “A to Z” is a collaborative project with producer Ben Etter, who has worked with top-notch indie artists such as Washed Out, Hazel English, and Cut Copy. Far West is an artist easily equal to these musicians, and he is a force to be reckoned with.

Fans of indie new-wave/synth-pop bands such as DIIV and Turnover will love this song. It has a serene feeling of peacefulness but also is highly catchy and fun to listen to. “A to Z” is the perfect beach day song: its soring guitars, singer Ryan Settles’ smooth voice, and the upbeat indie-pop vibes. The song gives a genuinely nostalgic and serene feeling. 

Settles’ lyrics aren’t 100% easy to depict but seem to be referring to not knowing one’s full potential if they don’t try:  “Going with you from a to z. We’ll never know just what we’ll be If we can’t let go of the key.”


“A to Z” is one of those songs that pretty much anyone would like because what’s not to like? Catchy, calming, and uplifting. When listening to this song, it feels like a sunny, glistening beach day: driving with the windows down, sand in one’s toes, and hair salty from the water. A while ago, Ryan Settles wrote the song as an acoustic track and turned it into a whole band track. Play this next time you have a car full of friends, and you are guaranteed to get new fans of Far West.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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