“Earthquake” by LÓN

Photo Credit: Axel Sigurdsson/Bold Studio

The drive to create anything in 2020 stretched near and far. Every country had its fair share of people looking to spin the daunting realities at hand into something to celebrate. Some started podcasts, others made way too much bread, and three long-time friends from Iceland decided music would be their thing. So they packed some bags, set up in a cabin by the biggest lake they could find, and got to work. After being shaken – literally – they had “Earthquake,” their latest single. 

The earth moving and grooving its fault lines is nothing new. Earthquakes happen daily, but it’s those that do a little too much that can rattle people to their core. Just as LÓN got nestled into their initial recording session for what would be their second single of 2021, Reykjavik experienced quite the shake.

With a moment so poignant in the song’s creation, the title became “Earthquake,” although the song was far from inspired by the natural occurrence. Ironically enough though, “Earthquake” made all the sense in the world as LÓN beautifully relays the feelings that come when jumping into a new relationship. 

All around, “Earthquake” took me back to one of my favorite albums by The Tower and The Fool. Like ‘How Long,’ something is mesmerizing about the vocals in this band. They stand out in the best way possible and while “Earthquake” took me back to that 2012 release, it still stood tall as its own unique listening experience. The three talented people that makeup LÓN set out to create during a dark time, and from that came something worth pursuing. “Earthquake” follows the release of LÓN’s debut single, “My Father,” and is available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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