Falling in love is an adventure. It’s exciting and turbulent, yet comfortable and relaxing. When you’re with your best friend you don’t need to worry about how you present yourself or act some type of way. On Lea G’s newest track, “Crazy” she captures the fun playful side of love. Delicate vocals dance over top of the rhythmic guitar and atmospheric synths. With the splashy drums and airy synths, it allows the passionate delivery of the vocals to take the forefront. It not only was exciting, but intimate and cool as well.

From the first listen, one of the first things that sticks out is the warm melodies. They’re catchy, and just seem to make sense. Because of that, they’re memorable, and It’s not only through the chorus either. Verses and even the bridge are fun and fit the song’s theme and energy. When paired with the intimacy and playfulness of the lyrics it makes “Crazy” unforgettable.

The versatile instrumental enables ‘Crazy’ to capture as many different emotions as it does. From acoustic guitar to snaps to deep bass there’s a little of everything. Despite the constantly changing texture, the consistency and familiarity of Lea G’s voice gives the song all the structure it needs. From the get-go, the smooth timbre gives the song power, and oddly enough delicacy.

Sometimes in music the phrase, “Hear someone’s smile” is thrown around. Between the passionate performance and the range of the vocals, “Crazy” is a perfect example of that. Lea G’s energy turned a fun, catchy song into something unforgettable.


“CRAZY” by Lea G can be found on any major streaming service

Written by Tyler Roberts




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