Artist Interview: “IFHU” by CARLY Anne LIND

Q: IFHU” is really unique in terms of melody and lyrics. Can you tell
us more about the song?

LIVVA: It’s one song based on the Anger stage of the 5 stages of grief. I began writing an EP once I lost both my parents that circled around those feelings. I eventually realized that grief comes in alllll kinds of shapes and sizes, friends, family, jobs, the loss of the life we had prior to covid. Anger is real, and this specific song showcases how anger really at the end of the day is pain. I felt betrayed by someone I loved dearly and I just wanted to bring you on my specific journey of how I emote anger. Sometimes I hold it in, say everything is fine, until it gets too much and I just want to hit a wall…see the end of the song when the band comes in ha!

Q: What is the creative progress behind “IFHU”?

LIVVA: I wrote this song on the floor of my room in the middle of the night in like 15 minutes. Me, my guitar and 2 chords. I then brought it to my co-writer and producer, also my bf and he helped me communicate and produce what was going on in my head.

Q: How did you come up with the song? What was the inspiration?

LIVVA: I’m brutally honest and I’m to the point, so I honestly was just looping these 2 chords on guitar and just starting singing out how I really felt in that moment. It’s a bold statement, but it’s how I felt, and instead of being toxic and arguing with the person that hurt me, I decided to just put it into a song that gave me that release instead.

Q: What was the pivotal point in your music career?

LIVVA: When I lost my dad and my mom 2 years later. Death and grief slapped me silly across my face at a young age and it made me realize we have such a short life. I needed to go all in or not at all, and start writing what I’d want to listen to in hopes that there are others that may feel what I’m feeling. Since then, I’ve been true to my authentic self and have had a far better reaction from fans than anything else.

Q: Has the music path been smooth for you?  What are some challenges
you’ve faced?

LIVVA: Music & life have been a true struggle. I think now that the dust is settling and I’m in therapy reflecting on what I’ve been through, I’m realizing my life has been nothing short of a series of unfortunate events. Thank god for music, it was something that fed my soul. It’s honestly a true miracle I’m not on the street. Music & dance really kept me out of drugs and anything terrible, as my parents were alcoholics growing up, and both were homeless before I was 25. Music gave me any kind of purpose, and although I’m not where I thought I’d be, I’m exactly where I should be.

Q: Are you currently working on anything?

LIVVA: I’m working on finishing my EP on the 5 stages of grief, attaching a music video to each song and a few other projects to come!

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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