“Fake Friends” by Nvision

Biloxi, MS based band Nvision is back with their second single of this year, “Fake Friends”. The five piece band consists of vocalist Alex, guitarist and vocalist Chase, drummer Nate, there is also Phil on the bass and wrapping up the group is Kevin on guitar. According to Nvision “Fake Friends” marks a new era of music for them as they begin to transition into heavier, more metalcore-esque style.

“Fake Friends” starts off slow, and allows you to absorb the lyrics and really feel your emotions. There has been a point in your life when someone around you is fake but yet they hid it for so long, and then when you finally figure out who they are, you feel so betrayed. Nvision perfectly captured that feeling with this song, “Fake Friends” is showing a new unique side to Nvision.

Although it’s subtle the hip hop/experimental notes really helps the song kick off right as the screams come in. The aggressive yet calming vocals will have you shedding some tears while headbanging. Nvision does an amazing job at speaking on difficult topics.

Nvision has more than just this amazing song, their entire collection is on Spotify, follow them to keep up with their musical growth. Nvision does not disappoint and they will quickly rise up in the rankings of your favorite bands. “Fake Friends” is the anthem that you need.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Greg Hartley




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