‘Crystal’ by Rosaleen

Heartbreak makes it hard to move on. It can feel like a breach of trust that makes being confident difficult in future relationships. This is what Rosaleen’s latest single, ‘Crystal,’ is all about. It encapsulates the feeling of having a ‘heart made of crystal’ and not wanting to have your emotions played with and your heart shattered once again. This is a well-written track musically and lyrically, and it packs a relatable and emotional punch.

‘Crystal’ by Rosaleen is such a beautiful track. The synthy instrumentation works creatively and in a wide range, and the bass has just the right succinct slap sound to it. The percussion works with an array of sounds and beats to add dynamics to the track, which extend into the vocals. Rosaleen works with so many different tonalities and colors through her vocals and pulls out tons of technical vocal riffs and works with both alto and soprano ranges. This track builds an original sound by meshing sounds of earlier R&B with more modern pop, and the clean production truly allows the musicality to shine through.

“I’m still cautious / so be gentle / I may not look like it but my heart is made of crystal,” Rosaleen sings out in ‘Crystal.’ It’s a track that explores the fragility of getting into a new relationship, the ‘still cautious’ part adding an aspect of a past relationship that ended in heartbreak. Bringing in her own experience, Rosaleen says that, “This song is about how love can be fragile and heavy like glass, and miscommunications can lead to broken hearts.” ‘Crystal’ highlights the difficulties of moving forward from heartbreak, even when it’s made it hard to move on and love without fear.

Rosaleen is a Florida-based artist who comes from an extensive musical background. She became a trained pianist at the age of 6, was registered as a songwriter and composer with ASCAP at 15, and was accepted into Berklee College of Music and Jazz at 17. She ended up wanting to stick close to home but still continue with her musical ventures. Rosaleen plays a role in every aspect of writing, creation, and production on her tracks, but she also takes time to collaborate with others. On ‘Crystal’ she worked with her Australian colleague Lewin Riddell. This is her sixth officially released single, and it’s exciting to think about where she’ll go from here.

Written by Sage Plapp

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