Photo Credit: Chris Frisina

Confrontations have never been ideal for me, and I know that’s true of many out there. Whether the relationship was personal or professional, I’d usually just stick around until the other person was like, go away. That is until around 2012. One can only take so much before a breaking point is reached. I just wish I had a song like “So Well” by Rodes back when I was walking away from a couple of not-so-great job experiences.

While Rodes wrote this on their way home from work one night, seeing how this is a song about ending a relationship of some kind – it can work for a romantic one as well. However, I like that Rodes took another commonality of life that we’ve all had in life that not many are putting to song, and did just that. So when you listen, think about those bosses that made you feel small, those supervisors that did the most to make your life uncomfortable as soon as you clocked in, and sing this one at the top of your lungs. Let this folk meets indie track be a comfort to you. 

“So Well” is the second single from Rodes’ debut album, ‘All Of My Friends.’ Other singles include “Eyes” and “I’m Not Gonna Get What I Want Tonight.” Other than exploring workplace relationships gone awry, Rodes’ debut will also dig into the romantic side of life as well as touch on aspects of queer identity. You can check out the first few singles, all out now and available on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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