“Maaba” by Nello Luchi

Nello Luchi, the up-and-coming NY-based rapper, is known for her dark, emotional hip-hop tracks. Her latest track, “Maaba,” is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. The song opens with a dark and somewhat creepy tune, then slowly, Nello Luchi’s hard-hitting vocals arrive. This time, Luchi states the song is “Spiritual superhero theme music,” which is precisely what it is, and Luchi is here to save the world with an important message.

The K’riem Scott produced hip-hop song has Luchi somewhat teaching the listener with her angry, moody, and rather ambitious voice, trying to deliver a message. She relays the message to the listener, stating to be more aligned with their ancestral past. According to Luchi, she serves as a professor while discussing metaphysics. Lyrics such as “Can’t let them stop me from my mission” and “In the image of Gods, I’ve got a made job to relay the message to all, make sure you play your part” highlight’s Luchi’s views on the world and how she is one of the few to relay these messages.

The visual with the music video adds a critical layer to Luchi’s message as well. The word Maaba literally means “the soul that sees,” and Luchi sees herself as one of the few people that can see that the world is in “a spiritual warfare.” The video focuses on Nello, who is outside in the darkness, adding to the gritty atmosphere of the track. 

Nello Luchi is a crucial musician in this day of age. Her music is not just rap songs that are fun to listen to. She promotes meaningful lyricism and songs that tackle real issues. Her music is reminiscent of  80s and 90s hip-hop, which are also known for their critical messages on current world issues. Take a listen to “Maaba” now! ou won’t regret it.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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