“Supernaculum” by King Koi

King Koi is an artist from Northampton, UK and he is determined to leave his mark on the music industry. People describe him as ‘someone who is spontaneous, fun and bold with an edge he channels this energy directly into his musical style and willingness to explore new styles and concepts.’

Back in 2016 was his first appearance into the scene, he was playing shows in the UK where he began to hone his craft as a DJ. He realized if he was going to pursue his love of music further he would need to become a producer so his next three years were spent learning the inner workings of the music industry from working and recording in studios, music business and spent his last year researching and writing about AI and the musical processes.

Now here is King Koi in 2021 with his latest release “Supernaculum” and it does not disappoint. Supernaculum means to the last drop, it originally referred to a wine that was so good you wanted to drink it to the very last drop, so the song is about raising a glass, drinking to the last drop and having a good time in a very gluttonous way.

King Koi’s heavy beats have a way of also being slow and methodical, while still giving you the energy to party. His intricate and unique beats will keep growing his fan base and keep his current fan base happy. You can’t help but to love as song that’s gives you a good stank face.

This recent release “Supernaculum” is on Spotify for your listening pleasure, while you’re their you can check out King Koi’s other sick beats. You can’t help but to love an underground artist and King Koi is one of the great ones.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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