“Ciao Luca” by Luc Spada

Language is said to be a barrier, right? Why is it that a song can scream emotion and completely pull at our heartstrings without even knowing what the artist is saying? When this happens, you know you have a fantastic song on your hands. Luc Spada’s surreal track “Ciao Luca’ proves this, as, without any type of translation, the listener can still tell that something very severe and emotional is at the forefront. This is because love is the universal language, and one can tell that Spada is in pain because of love.

Upon first listening, one can most likely tell that the song is a sad track, with Spada’s emotional voice, the minor keys being played on the piano, and the slow-paced guitars. After Spada’s first verse, the song turns more into an upbeat and somewhat innocent track: children in the background can be heard laughing, along with waves off in the distance. During this part of the track, the instruments transform to high-pitched keys, opposed to the minor keys in the first half.


Luc Spada’s “Ciao Luca” is Spada’s story dealing with his father’s declining health and unfortunate death. According to Spada, “There is one saying: Hope dies last. I accompanied my father in the fight against cancer for years. And in the end, hope died anyway, and so did my father. No happy ending. This struggle has welded us together, beyond life and death.” The song ends with the sounds of waves, getting slowly quieter and quieter until “Ciao Luca” comes to a close. Just like death comes upon us when we least expect it, the song abruptly ends.


“Ciao Luca” is a song anyone who has lost someone they love can relate to because we all experience the same emotions. It doesn’t matter where we are from, what language we speak, or what we do for a living. We all experience being born, death, and everything in between. We all fall in love and lose the ones we love. Spada was a writer before coming into the music scene, which explains why his lyrical ability is so unique. “Ciao Luca” is the first single off Spada’s upcoming album that is coming out on November 19th, 2021.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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