“Drifting Apart” by Illumen

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden is the three-piece group, Illumen. According to them, the name, Illumen, comes from the idea that the band illuminates the darker sides of themselves, as well as the dark times the world is currently stuck in. Making music to help people strive to make a difference for the better, Illumen believes they will capture the emotions of their listener.

“Drifting Apart” is the third single release from Illumen and it’s about the sense of drifting apart, those fading emotions (be it towards a lover, a childhood friend or a close relative). These feelings may be scary but they are all to familiar to majority of people in this world.

We are approaching winter time aka break up season, “Drifting Apart” is the perfect song for post or pre break up, the heavy beats with the emotional lyrics is the perfect way to open the floodgates. Although the song leans more towards an electronic vibe, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to feel any and all of your emotions.

Despite Illumen only coming onto the scene this year, they have quickly turned heads. With 5,200 daily listeners and “Drifting Apart” already having 8,500 listens, it’s clear that what they are doing is working. “Drifting Apart” will soon become a favorite and you will add it to any “sadboi” type playlist, once you go to Illumens’ Spotify you won’t have any regrets.

In “Drifting Apart” we describe a separation that is ongoing, but one that includes reflections and a wish to depart from behavior we don´t like in ourselves, with empty promises as an example. The way Martin [Radoz] presents the lyrics and melodies is straightforward, almost naked, in order to convey the simple truths and honest feelings.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Martin Sundström





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