“Red Lights Flash-Live at the Ivy Room” by Year of the Fist

Year Of The Fist is a multi talented four piece group from Oakland, California that has been active for the last ten years. They consist of everyone providing vocals in addition to that there is Squeaky and Katie Cash on guitar, Hal9000 Beers on drums and bassist Serge.

Their newest live single “Red Lights Flash” is just the beginning of their upcoming EP “DCxPC Live Vol. 4”. According to them, they describe Year of the Fist as mixing 80’s punk rock energy with 1990s grunge and alternative rock in a way that comes across as unique and refreshing in the year 2021.

“Red Lights Flash” has an intro that has some heavy hitting bass, guitar and drums, and the vocals to match. The group does an excellent job at drawing you into their music even without lyrics, and when you do hear the vocals, everything seems to line up perfectly.

Ivy Room located in Albany, CA has been Year of the Fist’s East Bay home venue since it was re-established by Summer and Lani in 2015 so it was a no brainer for them to make a live EP where they felt the most comfortable. Although it is not their first EP, it could possibly be there best, you can’t help but to love live music.

Year of the Fist has grown their audience with up to 100,000 listens on their top songs and adds to multiple playlists, it’s obvious they are giving people exactly why they are asking for. Year of the Fist will quickly become a favorite of yours and you won’t be able to stop yourself from adding them to your playlists.

After you hear their live EP, you will be itching for them to go on tour again so you can hear the magic in person. Year of the Fist is proof that best friends can make amazing music and be successful, the comradery of the group is what helps them mesh enough to make great music for you to enjoy.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Niki Pretti





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