“Life in Color” by Xoe-B

There’s a point in everyone’s life when they realize they’ve ‘levelled up’ so to speak. You find yourself more confident, empowered, and just more you than ever before. UK-based artist Xoe-B captures this excitement on her new track, “Life in Color”. The whole vibe from the instrumental to the vocals was playful and fun – like when you finally feel comfortable at a party and relax and enjoy yourself. In my opinion, the absolute greatest part of this awesome song is how fun and relatable it is. It’s literally impossible to listen to without a smile on your face, trust me I tried.

Every chorus gained energy and suited the tone of the song phenomenally. Xoe-B commands attention, but does so in a way that sounds effortless. Instead, she sounded relaxed – like she was having fun. I’ve written in the past about the concept of hearing a smile, and it’s especially true here. There isn’t a single moment where optimism and excitement don’t play a role. It helps elevate the performance, and deepen the groove. An absolutely perfect song for a club, or any place with a dance floor .

From the empowered lyrics to the funky riffs in the bass/guitar, “Life in Color” is particularly cool because of its attention to detail. Voices would enter and leave the texture seamlessly – allowing Xoe-B to move the energy on a whim. Despite this constantly-evolving instrumental, everything was familiar and kept the overarching theme of confidence and joy. The result was catchy, and an absolute delight to listen to.

“Life in Color” by Xoe-B can be found on any major streaming service.


Written by Tyler Roberts




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