‘Soundtrack to the End of the World’ by The Congregation

If you were faced by the end of times, would you give in or fight on to lengthen the life of the planet, yourself, and the people around you? The Congregation would take the latter according to their latest track ‘Soundtrack to the End of the World.’ “Get ready to go,” it says. Pushing the listener to march on and keep their spirits up as they fight forward. It’s heavy and catchy, and it’s such a clean track through every aspect of its creation.

If there was one word I’d use to describe ‘Soundtrack to the End of the World,’ it would be energetic. There’s a forward-moving aspect to the music that says, ‘There isn’t much time, let’s do this thing.’ The heavy sound fits well with the tracks’ tackling of the end of times concept, and every instrument is utilized to the best of its potential. The quick and thrashy guitar tones bring in the heavy sound perfectly, whereas the drums do a wonderful job guiding the high energy of the track. The vocals are packed with tons of emotion and power and hit just the right heavy sound. It’s filled out by the clean production and mixing, and it’s a perfect track to play on repeat while preparing for your next big exciting event.

The way ‘Soundtrack to the End of the World’ lyrically tackles the idea of end times is just amazing. There’s a lot more of a driven force behind it than some other tracks taking on the concept. Rather than lyrically giving up when faced with this deep adversity, it’s packed energy and confidence. “I won’t sit down / I won’t burn out / I won’t die young / I want no regrets and no wasted breath when it’s said and done,’ the lyrics ring out. The music video to this track takes place on a dark stage with flashing lights, and each performer puts tons of emotion into their performance.

The Congregation is a musical project from the creative mind of Clayton Bellamy, and it follows the story of the preacher man. Someone who is here to lead the people of the world to “musical salvation.” Clayton Bellamy has worked on several award-winning musical projects before this, and he was able to work with HMA winning producer Dan Weller, and Adrian Bushby, a grammy-winning mixer. The Congregation creates a dynamic range of rock music, and they do a wonderful job at sticking to their concept, spattering religious references throughout their music. They’re definitely one of those bands that you hear a couple of songs and all of a sudden need to hear everything.

Written by Sage Plapp




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