“Sun” by Tired All the Time

Experimental rock group ‘Tired All the Time’ are back with their second single of 2021, a captivating and poignant song titled ‘Sun’. Featuring all the elements that make ‘TATT’ so unique, ‘Sun’ is about mans place in the endless universe and an ode to the sheer magnitude of it.

Tired All the Time have been rocking since 2017 and have a long track record of big shows in the Mid-Atlantic regions and Eastern United States. Acts TATT have shared the stage with include ‘FEEDER’, Zen Mother and ‘Your 33 Black Angels’. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the bands album ‘BE WELL’ garnered a Harmony Award for Best Music Video for their travk ‘Bone Dry’ and received finalist nominations for 2019’s Washington Area Music Awards for Best Punk (Post-Punk) band and Best Punk (Post-Punk) Album categories.

It’s fair to say the standard was high for ‘Sun’, looking at the groups intense and amazing track record. Recorded in quarantine ‘Sun’ was made through a combination of remote networking technologies and modified in-person studio environments in compliance with recommended CDC safety protocols. The tracks lyrics and driving drumbeat stand out as some of the groups best, but the performances all round show that neither quality nor standard has dipped an inch. The washed-out synth accompanies the poignant lyrics remarkably well, acting almost like an organ to a preacher. Production wise, the track sits nicely amidst Tired all the Time’s catalogue while offering something new.

The group want their listeners to have an entirely personal and subjective experience listening to their music, so as a final note I’d advise just that. Stream ‘Sun’ now. Like, right now.

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman






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