“HG Wells” by Velvet Starlings

Aesthetically pleasing as it is musically proficient, “Velvet Starling” has all the makings of a summer hit alongside rich lyricism and mature songwriting sensibilities. Warm

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“Untitled” by Joie Grey

A stunning atmosphere and emotive set of chord voicings make “Untitled” a wholly unique experience from start to finish. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Joie Grey

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“Monster” by Cindy Louise

An inspirational new single that’s addictively catchy and housing stellar production, “Monster” is Cindy Louise at her very best. Despite only starting her career in

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“Pessimism” by Lee Trent

Contrasting with his previous single “Optimism”, this new track from Lee Trent is stylistically impressive and rich in charisma and minimalist charm. “Pessimism” has a

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“Reset” by Skar de Line

The first chapter in a new autobiographical suite of music from Skar de Line is musical catharsis, housing intricate melodies amidst a beautiful atmosphere. Abandoning

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“Deny” by Lewis Muller

An emotive serenade that’s rich in passion and heartfelt lyricism, “Deny” hits all the marks for Muller’s debut single. There are influences drawn from 90’s

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