“Don’t That Beat All” by 100 Watt Shine

Southern rock exploded in popularity in the 1970’s with the likes of The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Southern rock is still making its presence known in alternative music today and one particular band that is working hard to capture the essence of this genre is 100 Watt Shine.

The single “Don’t That Beat All” begins with the sound of the guitar producing a layer of suspense with its dark and eerie chords. The song gradually builds in volume with a rapid beat from the drums and a fierce, powerful shriek from the lead singer. The vocals are rough and gritty, and the song features a catchy guitar riff, which has a bit of a country rock vibe to it. A sudden shift in the song’s dynamics occurs about halfway, as the drums, guitar, and bass become quieter in sound. This leads up to a gradual increase in volume with the lead guitar delivering a blues oriented solo. The lyrics appear to be highlighting common struggles in life from heartache to trying to establish a healthy financial future. “The world is full of broken hearts. I can’t help you with that. “I’m saving up for stormy weather.” “Don’t That Beat All” delivers a loud, electrifying ending, as the lead guitar comes charging in with a hard, heavy solo and the lead singer, yet again unleashes a powerful scream.

100 Watt Shine are a five-piece ensemble from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The band incorporates elements of blues, rock and roll, and country rock within their music, yet they add a unique, alternative twist to their sound.

Written by Brittany Jennings 





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