Artist Interview: “Unbreakable” by Liza Jane

Q: I love your lyricism in “Unbreakable.” What is the inspiration behind the song?

LIZA JANE: Thank you so much! I wrote this song about a painful time in my life that I didn’t think I was going to get through. When you’re going through many challenges it is stressful and hard to stay positive and to remind yourself that things will change and be okay and that nothing stays the same. I got through it and so can everyone. We are Unbreakable and I want to inspire women to know that they can overcome any challenge. We are warriors, fighters, and survivors! I also dedicated this song to breast cancer Awareness month because my mother is a survivor of breast cancer. Cancer in itself is a terrible disease, but the treatment is at times even worse. I’ve seen my mother have to be a true warrior to endure such difficulties. I know other survivors have to be Unbreakable as well. This song is important to remind ourselves to hang in there and to fight no matter what.

Q: What was the pivotal moment in your music career?

JANE: The pivotal moment in my music career was when I was selected to sing with famous Broadway musical star Brent Barrett, who played Raoul in the Phantom of the Opera, which happens to be my favorite musical. It’s interesting how that opportunity came to me, my mother was getting her hair done in a beauty salon and overheard they were looking for a female vocalist to sing at the Tennessee Williams Performing Arts Theater. They were looking for a mature woman not a 15-year-old but that did not deter my mother at all! She jumped up out of her chair and put her cellphone in the ear of the director and said you have to listen to my daughter; she was born to sing. To the surprise of the producer, he could not believe my voice and told my mother he would get back to her and pass this clip onto Mr. Barrett. The next day I received a phone call saying he would be honored to see me and would be flying to Key West to meet me. He is the loveliest of people and it was a highlight of my life singing with a full orchestra behind me and a packed audience that stood up to give me a standing ovation!

Q: Can you tell us more about your story with music?

JANE: My story with music began when I was 2 years old in my pink Disney sleeping beauty gown singing ‘Once Upon a Dream’ while I spun in circles flicking my Disney princess wand. My parents were in the other room and ran in and said “Liza Jane where is that music coming from? Was that you singing?” I looked up at them and said “of course, didn’t I tell you I came here to sing!” And I have never stopped. From that moment on, we all knew my purpose and my family has supported my journey through voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, dance, all of the shows, and the ups and downs of a music career. We all need a village and I have been blessed to have such a support system.

Q: What are some of your biggest inspirations?

JANE: I have so many inspirations such as Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, and Lana Del Rey. When other children were watching Sesame Street, I was watching Cher live in Las Vegas running around the house with a blue wig and microphone. I would only fall asleep to Garth Brooks, Sarah Brightman, and Diana Ross.

Q: How would you describe your style and aesthetic?

JANE: I would say my style is edgy punk rock mixed with LA street wear and also glam. I love combining all elements of that fashion. Some of my fans refer to my style as Glam – rock.

Q: What is the next exciting thing for us to look forward to?

JANE:The release of my EP which is scheduled in January or February of 2022. I put a lot of work into this music, it shows the aspects of my heart, a lot of emotion and work put into this, I am very excited to show the world. I look forward to performing my original music and can’t wait to go on tour again!

Interviewed by Katrina Yang




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