“Fumble (Kerry)” by Cassette

Minneapolis native, Cassette is a self-taught producer with a background in the trumpet, viola, and violin. Cassette is the fluid personal music project of 23-year old French-American Gaëdy Bindoula. His latest single “Fumble (Kerry)” is described as energetic disco-pop and its takes us through a journey of his awkwardness, yet spontaneous nature throughout his relationships.

Cassette has a way of relaxing you while simultaneously making you want to party. His smooth grooves mixed with his velvety vocals will you melting into his latest song”Fumble (Kerry)”. There has been a moment in almost anyone’s life where they have literally fallen for someone.

 Well it happened to Cassette and he aims to tell a personal story about the turbulent yet exciting feeling of rekindling a flame with an ex-lover, and how this clumsiness made him fall deep into this renewed relationship. “Fumble (Kerry)” is only his second single, but it seems like we’ve been singing Cassette songs for years now.

Cassette describes his song as a spontaneous song and he did so by pairing dancing German grand piano chords with flanging electric guitar riffs. He then coupled that with the summerlike rhythm of bongos and hi-hats over dusty kicks. There’s no doubt that once you listen to Cassettes’ latest single(s) that you will instantly fall in love and add him to your favorite artists list.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Alexandre Vu





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